Sane Singing: BBP’s first publication

The beginnings of Sane Singing: A Guide to Vocal Progress came to me in 2015, but took on more urgency in 2016 when I was attending the biennial conference of the National Association of Teachers of Singing. At the NATS conference, there are so many topics to explore, and it can be overwhelming. I kept asking myself, “How does a singer select a teacher or training program? Once they have chosen a path, how do they know if it’s working?”

I had been blogging about voice training concepts for six years, and working with singers for over 30 years by this point. The desire to deal with confusing and contradictory ideas in a rational, simple manner has always motivated me. I began the Sane Singing project by sorting over 200 of my blog posts into themes, which were edited and synthesized to form the essays that make up most of the book. A concurrent project that links directly to the mission of the book is the Self-Assessment Protocol for Singers (SAPS). The SAPS is explained in the book and will be available for download at I hope that these two main themes – how to choose voice training and how to evaluate one’s own progress – will offer fresh starting points for discovery.

– D. Brian Lee

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